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Any homeowner will feel like a winner when they choose double hung windows. These house windows are the most popular window style in America as well as one of the oldest. They are exquisite in terms of style and function, with two operable sashes that open and close vertically. The sash can open into the home so you can clean the exterior glass panel, keeping you off the ladder and your windows looking beautiful.

Double Hung Windows
Double windows make a classic appearance on your exterior while offering energy savings. Window Shopping offers installation of double hung house windows in Evansville, Indiana along with the surrounding communities of Owensboro, Henderson, and Madisonville, Kentucky.
  • Transitional Design

    Double hung windows can easily work with nearly any type of home style. They increase curb appeal for homes such as Colonial, Cape Cod, Tudor, and Victorian.

  • Energy Efficient

    Double hungs are one of the most energy efficient windows in Evansville. Your windows will come equipped with your choice of glass package, enhancing your home’s energy savings all throughout the year.

  • Classic and Minimalist Appearance

    Typically taller than they are wide, double hung windows provide a classic upgrade to the exterior of your home.

  • Enhances Safety and Security

    New double hung windows come with an advanced locking system, ensuring that intruders won’t enter your home from the outside.

  • Always Maintenance-Free

    Say goodbye to weekends spent sanding, staining, or painting your old wood window frames. Quality vinyl frames of double hung windows always look beautiful without lifting a finger.

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