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Incredible Ventilation with a Crank-out Handle

While most house windows in Evansville slide open, casement windows bring another approach. These home windows operate with a sturdy crank out handle, opening the sash wider than nearly any other window style. This makes casement windows an excellent choice for homeowners who want additional airflow inside the home. They also provide a classy upgrade for your exterior with its stylish design.

Casement Windows
Casement windows will provide your home with a classic appearance and excellent ventilation. Window Shopping offers casement windows in Evansville, Indiana along with the surrounding communities of Owensboro, Henderson, and Madisonville, Kentucky.
  • Airtight Seal

    With the casement window’s crank design, this window creates an airtight seal to block out drafts. It’s enhanced with top-quality weatherstripping for maximized results.

  • Insulates the Home

    In addition to durable weatherstripping, casement windows provide insulation when you choose energy efficient gases. These come equipped with your glass package for enhanced energy savings.

  • Unique Operation

    Casement windows are one of the only window styles that operate with a crank-out handle. It’s easy to operate and allows the window to crank open extra wide in comparison to other window styles.

  • Durable Materials

    Vinyl window frames make for a wonderful window material, especially with the casement window’s beveled sash as an aesthetic upgrade. Vinyl frames will not warp, peel, or chip from the elements.

  • Professionally Installed

    Professional window installation for casement windows ensures top performance. Your window will provide exceptional beauty for your curb appeal while keeping energy bills low.

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