We'll Make Your Home Look Like New With Our Siding

Beautiful siding to improve your home, making it more attractive, durable and maintenance free.

let's give your home a makeover!

Would you like a beautiful new home without the hassle and cost of a move? We can do that for you. Window Shopping is the trusted team for improving homes with beautiful Vinyl Siding installations in Evansville, Indiana and the surrounding area.

We start by coming to your home to give you a Free Onsite Quote for each of our various styles and quality of siding. This gives you much more options compared to a company that carries only one brand of siding. And you save time by getting your quote at home and you don't have to contact multiple companies.

New siding help you reduce maintenance, save on your monthly energy bill by being more Energy Efficent, and make over your home’s exterior with durable and durable Vinyl or Aluminum Siding that is built to last. Call us today to ask questions and to schedule your no-obligation Free Onsite Quote. We look forward to helping you!

We have Siding for Every Need

Siding is more than just a superficial home renovation project. Quality siding helps to insulate your home, and to protect it from mold and rot. You can trust Window Shopping to:

  • Protect your home's structure from the elements
  • Give you multiple options of Style and Quality
  • Save on house painting and make your home Low Maintenance
  • Provide siding for every budget, as well as insulated siding to add an R factor to your home
  • Increase your home's resale value.
  • Provide "Expert Installation"

We offer Free on-site quotes for all of our work. Call us today to ask questions or schedule your estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!